April 4, 2012

Crappy roofs, the cross and promised restoration

Sarah and I had a crappy evening Monday, literally. We were enjoying a nice dinner together when we heard the lovely sound of a waterfall. For a moment I pondered if a fountain was installed in our apartment lobby - then I realized it sounded much closer. I rush to the bathroom to find water streaming through our fan. Long story short, there was a "black water" leak a few floors up that made it's way into our bathroom. Needless to say, our quiet night at home turned into quite a different night.

This experience has awakened in me an idol that had thus far gone unnoticed. My comfortability and routine is very important to me, and when something isn't right I want it fixed, like, yesterday. I've come to realize I often hope for the restoration of my first-world-luxurious-standard-of-living more than I hope for the consummation of the Kingdom when Christ will return, give his people new bodies, make the entire cosmos new, and we will hang out with God!

This hoped for and pending restoration is only possible because the perfect, willing and obedient Christ took the full force of God's righteous wrath on himself at the cross, died for the forgiveness of our sin and rebellion, rose again from the grave as proof the cheque cleared, and gives us his perfection so we can be reconciled to God. If you haven't yet turned from your rebellion of God and submitted to Christ as King and Saviour, the invitation is to do so now - he did this for you too. If you have repented and now follow Christ, I encourage you to approach this Easter season with gratefulness because Christ paid for our sins on the cross and that changes everything.

Here I am a few days after our bathroom fiasco, able to think more clearly and walk through the day with some perspective. I eagerly await the restoration of our roof, when the broken will be made whole - but I am especially grateful for Christ and my heart's cry is that he would come back, bring wholeness and healing to all things, and make everything sad come untrue. 

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