May 28, 2012

Quick to read, slow to blog

I haven't posted in well over a month.

I have been contemplating James 1:19 in relation to blogging. It seems to me as though we would be wise as thinking/writing disciples of Christ to be quick read and slow to blog. Musing about being "slow to blog" has all but halted my blogging this month. I have been deliberating whether or not blogging is an edifying medium for the local church. As of right now I have been convinced from friends that it does have a place.

I think you can be slow to blog and still blog. Likewise, while we are free to comment on other's blogs or post's (it's helpful for clarification and edification) we would be wise to be "slow to comment", and be slow to become angry when someone's words make us angry (even when we feel that anger is righteous anger).  Discussing controversial theological topics can be helpful, but it also has the potential to be destructive.

For more (and much more enjoyable!) reading on the art of engaging in controversial arguments as Christians, I would recommend Timothy Keller's excellent piece posted here.

If you have been somewhat encouraged in your faith by reading my blog posts I am humbled; if you have been hindered in your faith by reading my blog posts I am sorry.

For now, I will continue to infrequently post my musings. I hope they encourage you to love and follow Christ with everything you have, for His glory.

1 comment:

  1. Good reminder, thanks Greg.

    I've had one senior leader in our conference chat with me about blogging in the context of adult Christian education. With the decline (absence for most local churches) of adult Sunday School, can a blog be a way to maintain connection and learning he asked. Food for thought.

    I've kept this conversation in the back of my mind and think it helpfully brings focus and purpose to the practice of blogging. But it also means blogging requires an intentionality and careful reflection in the process - James 1:19 still applies!