January 7, 2013

Book Review: "The Power of All: Building a Multivoiced Church"

The MB Herald has printed a book review I provided for the book The Power of All: Building a Multivocied Church by Sian and Stuart Murray Williams.

You can read it here if you're interested.

If you just want the summary, here it is:

Throughout The Power of All the authors consistently compared church as multivoiced with church as monovoiced. The greatest weakness of this book is the noticeably lacking definition of “monovoiced church”. For a book devoted to hearing all voices, the silencing and disregarding of the monovoiced tradition was both ironic and disheartening.
While a tome need not be written, the final product is unconvincing because it did not take the time or space to properly define terms, nuance arguments, elaborate on proposed ideas, and allow a fair hearing of opposing viewpoints in terms that their opponents would recognize and appreciate.
                   The Power of All reminds us that the church isn’t primarily about bells and steeples but is indeed about the people. The book may serve as a helpful resource for some, however this reader was left in want.

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